We Are Stronger Together

"This is a deeply personal, extremely useful, well-researched and well-written book.  I know of no one who has not found themselves in this situation: this feeling of helplessness, of wanting to retreat, to forget, or to hide when a friend or coworker is diagnosed with cancer.  This book is a must-read if you know someone who is struggling to overcome cancer. 

Ms. Benish offers honest and practical advice for how to help and leaves you feeling empowered and motivated.  The writing is succinct and yet moving and she will draw you in with her personal experience, useful information, and her down to earth style."

                                    ~Hayley Linfield

"How To Help Someone With Cancer is a wonderful book that explores the true pain of a person suffering from a serious disease such as cancer, and at the same time it delves into several ways of helping that person. It is a remarkable story regarding Erin, a courageous, strong, young girl and of her fantastic family.
Throughout their lives, people get obsessed with material goods and take for granted that they’ll have good health. This book really helps people focus on the truly important things, things like life per se, family, health, helping others, all things that will make us feel completely fulfilled.
Shannon Benish is a great author and an even greater mom. Her love for her child should be a source of inspiration for everyone. I’m looking forward to reading more of her life experience."

                                    ~Desaret Toska

The Journey
Osteosarcoma Alliance
Miami - February 24-25, 2017
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What started as a regular check-up for our 11 year old daughter Erin resulted in a cancer diagnosis that turned our world upside down.
 We were in a state of shock and had never even met another pediactric cancer patient.

Friends and family offered their help but we didn't know what we needed. Erin progressed through treatment in our "new normal" and is now in remission. We want to share with families in the same journey ways to help their loved ones.

Our mission is to spread the word about how we can work together to help during a battle with cancer. The saying "there's strength in numbers" holds true when an individual is facing an opponent as fierce as cancer. You can help to take away the fear and helplessness of the patient as they realize they are not fighting alone.
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